Get Max Impact is dedicated to helping
people get the maximum impact from their
efforts in building careers and business.

This site is loaded with free materials for
leadership and business strategy
development. They are ideal for coaching
sessions, workshops, seminars, and
personal reflection.

Here you will find:
  • Intriguing stories with "ah-ha"
    moments, including updated
    Aesop's fables.
  • Fun facts from recent business
  • Dr. Max case studies where you are
    given the symptoms, diagnosis, and
    long-term prognosis of a business
    problem or opportunity.
  • Quote Quizzes where you are
    given a quote and some background
    information about the speaker and
    you then guess the proper ending to
    the motivational quote.
  • Inspirational stories where people
    have overcome odds to achieve
  • Videos that are perfect for coaching
    or for transitions between segments
    of a workshop or as a call to order.
  • Max's new business terminology
    known as Bizerms.

Be sure to explore the website as often as
you would to build your leadership and
business strategy development knowledge.
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Strategy Development
Bizerm™, new business terms
The officer
and the prisoner
Creating an "ah-ha" Moment