Is the customer always right?
The age old question about whether or not
it is true that the customer is always right
is answered with experiential learning.
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is here..
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The butterfly and the passerby
What important aspect of sales and
marketing can we learn from a butterfly
and a passerby? Do not fall prey to the
latest shopping trend.
How a speaker engages the audience
One of the most effective marketing tools
is public speaking. As a public speaker
you establish credibility very quickly - or
you destroy it.
How to change your company culture
If you have decided to join the trend toward
contemporary management do you know
where to start? Let's answer the top-down,
bottom-up debate.
Lincoln on preparation
If you gave the 16th President of the United
States six hours to cut down a tree what
would he do first? His answer gives us
insight into drawing a strategic plan.
How to handle a two-week resignation
Handling a two week notice is as much
about the employees that will be
remaining on staff as it is about the
employee that turned in the notice.

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The Brooklyn Bridge' story
Admitting one's weakness is
an important part of the story of
the building of the Brooklyn
Walt Disney: visionary leader
One must wonder if children
would be void of an important
part of their lives had it not
been for Walt Disney.
Customizing a cover letter
There a growing feeling among
career coaches that every
resume and cover letter needs
to be customized.
Who names the generations?
When referring to the various
generations in the workplace
when can become confused
about which name to use.