Minority children and leadership
A survey released by the Girl Scouts of the
USA found that 75% of minority children
see themselves as leaders.
Finding local diversity resources
Here are four ideas of places in your local
community to find diversity resources -
such as employees and focus group
members. (
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How to ruin your career
Dennis P. Callahan.  Few may remember
the name, even fewer what he did. This is
the story of how he went from CEO to
realtor.  (
How-to protect your reputation.)
Meeting with Middle-Easterners
Gain an understanding of  the
Middle-Eastern business culture by
viewing this short video, ideal for team
meetings. (
Cultures with Video)
Honesty or loyalty?
Two schools of thought surround which
quality of a leader is more important to an
organization: Honesty or loyalty.
How to be a better leader)
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Do you overpay employees?
Frustrated by high payrolls in your
business? This survey may give some
interesting insight. Also, if you feel paid too
little, read the article. (
"Excellent firms don't believe in excellence -
only in constant improvement and constant change."
Tom Peters
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